Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Window?

A regular window has a top and bottom and a lock in the middle.

How long will my carpets take to dry?

Our system dries in 3-6 hours depending on style of carpet and inside temperatures.

Will you move my furniture for me?

We do move some lite furnishing, We will not move bookshelves, appliances, electronics, keep in mind we are not a moving company.

Do you have a streak free guarantee?

We do a walk through when finished to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

What is a Storm Window?

A storm window has removable glass pieces and a standard window together.

Do I need to do anything to prepare my home before cleaning?

Simple things, like picking up personal belongings, will handle the rest.

What do you offer that other companies don’t?

A local Saint Louis Company, with 15 years serving all Saint Louis we are 5.0 star rated on over 20 sites online, Ownership is still 100% involved.

Do you offer service agreements? How do they work?

We just started service agreements. Please email dave directly at: for further details.

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We Believe in Total Transparency, so we list all our pricing below.

Window Washing inside and out

Window Washing outside only

Standard Storm Windows per set $18.75

Screw out Storm Windows per set $21.75

Additional Window Services
screen washing $2.50
grid removal $2.50 per window
calcium treatment $2.50
Outside glass lights $10-$25
window frame detailed $4
new construction up-charge $4
Hard water stain removal $4 per window

Screen Repair $17.75 each (most sizes)
add $7 for pet screen
(sorry no Aluminum)
Screen door mesh replacement $49
add $60 for pet screen

Blind Cleaning: sorry we no longer clean blinds

Standard Carpet Cleaning
Includes moving lite Furnishing and placing blocks underneath
$40 Per Room

All rug cleaning prices are for in home cleaning, if you require outside cleaning
please add $90 service fee for pick up and delivery. $45 EACH WAY

Area Rug cleaning
5×10 size

Area Rug Cleaning
5×12 or 6×8

Area Rug Cleaning
5×11 or 6×12

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning
10×10 or 8×12

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Hand scrubbed Stairs
set is 12 or less plus landing

Carpet Extraction
for pet or spilled items deep cleaning
$160 (price includes 2 standard room cleanings)

our cost is based per room

Stain Guard
1 year protection based per room

Furniture & Upholstery

up too 4 pieces included in the price


Love seat


Standard living room chair

Dinning or office chair

Office Cubicles per side

Air Ducts
$17.25 per Vent/Return

Dryer Vent

Bathroom Fans

Ceiling Fans

Gutter Cleaning per size of home
$149 Ranch (no walk out) under 2500sq ft

$249 2 story or ranch with walkout (no 2 story walkout) under 3000sq ft

$349 3 story or 2 story with walk out under 3000sq ft

All other sizes must be seen by owner for proper estimate.
Gutter Guard removal

Gutter Cleaning hour

Now offering New Gutter Guards most
houses $400-$900 excludes cleaning

Power washing 1 story $229
2 STORY $369
3 STORY $569
sorry no al a chart house washing
Please call for all other pressure washing pricing.