Dave’s experience extends far beyond the launch of his business. He remembers his mom owning a cleaning business as he was growing up and continued in her footsteps, but with some added services he is proud of. Prior to opening his own business, Dave delivered pizzas in the evening and sold vacuums during the day. One of his customers introduced him to a family member in the carpet cleaning business, which he then began sub-contracting for. This new-found interest in carpet cleaning ignited a fire inside of him and a desire to go out on his own.

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Dave built his business the hard way, before social media existed. He went door-to-door with a black and white flyers he created, offering to clean carpet in two rooms for a very low price. The business grew slowly in the beginning but when he began to advertise in 2014, he saw more growth each year. Then in 2017, he hit a sweet spot that he’s been growing in ever since.

When he started Dave’s Carpet and Window Cleaning, he wanted to pass on a legacy of excellent service and reliability to his children. He continues to be a front-runner in his industry, learning as much as he can to expand both his knowledge and services. He is proud to have built a business based on honesty, transparency and integrity that his children will be proud to carry on.

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“Repeat customers are what helps us keep growing,” Dave explained.
“They make up 60-65% of our current customer base.”

The relationships he has built with his repeat customers over the years has sparked a desire to gradually add new services based on need. If they asked about a service that he didn’t currently offer, Dave would do some research and find the most efficient and cost-effective way to add this to his portfolio.

Today, Dave’s Carpet and Window Cleaning offers a number of customized cleaning services to his commercial and residential clients. Dave currently employs seven people out of his office and warehouse, with plans to expand the business and add 20 more employees.

“I look forward to opening a training center for my team, providing them with uniforms, lockers, health benefits and retirement,” he explained. He hopes to continue to pursue community efforts and get more involved in his local chambers as well. Whether you’re looking for a new cleaning service company or interested in starting a new career within a growing business, Dave’s Carpet and Window Cleaning is the one to call!

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